Sunday, August 3, 2008

Today's Reading

I started a Max Lucado book this morning, No Wonder They Call Him Savior. Max has an amazing ability to hit the nail right on the head so often. Maybe I should say he can really drive the nail right through the hands. Either way, the comfortable writing style always grabs me and brings me right in.

The first few chapters focus on the Cross. We notice Peter's writing of the virulent insults hurled at Jesus on the cross by the Romans and Jews. And we notice Jesus' defense. That's right, there was no defense. There was "Forgive Them." Even the criminal next to Him threw insults. "Forgive him too." The other criminal, the new believer, was promised a place in heaven.

How unlike our typical behavior in society. We love to quote "eye for an eye" but we are less likely to bring up "turn the other cheek" when in the heat of battle. Retribution. Retaliation. Revenge. These are our thoughts. Give them what they have coming. That's what justice is, isn't it?

Nope. Sorry, but nothing too Jesus-like in those words.

In a very moving part of these early chapters, Max discusses the time before his father's death. He died of Lou Gehrig's Disease. A terrible degenerative muscular condition. Max kept coming back to this line: "It's much easier to die like Jesus if you have lived like him for a lifetime." What a quote. That's how we are supposed to do it. Just like Jesus. (Not coincidentally, the title of another Max Lucado book!)

Well, that's the thought for today. Not easy, but definitely worth it.


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