Thursday, August 16, 2007

Back at it

So, my summer vacation has ended. I was back playing at church last week. During the summer we have a single service, which means that it is guaranteed that half those in attendance are not in tune with the music. My defense the this sometimes abrasive and always unChristian attitude is to avoid looking out at the pews. This sounds harsh for a worship leader, but the reality is that I have to stay focused on the music, and if I am distracted by - sorry to say it - a scowl, then everybody loses.

So, I watch my fellow praise team people, and venture a very occasional glance at a few known folks on the congregation. Safe people. Worshiping people. Christian people, in thought word, and deed.

More to the point, I had a really great time at rehearsal, and I felt that I really contributed to the music on Sunday.

During the summer I visited another local church every week I was in town. More on that later. The short of it is that we will probably attend the Bible study there Wednesday nights since adult groups at my church are nearly non-existent.