Tuesday, December 12, 2006

First Post

OK, so what's up with OO24? First, 0024.blogspot.com was taken (you're on my short list Lacy Parker, of Johnson High School ;-) This was not a big surprise. So I settled for a couple of capital Os.

More to the point: two years ago when my church went through the 40 Days of Purpose, near the end we were offered the chance to fill out a form stating any change in heart you might have had over the last six weeks. Things like "given myself to Jesus Christ," "recommitted my life to J.C." and the like. We ended up with a small handful of new believers (cool!) and 23 people saying they were recommitting themselves to follow Jesus.

Not being one to fill out forms, I started referring to myself as the secret 24th. I figure it is not a secret to Jesus, and I believe He is more interested in the way I live my life than what I write on a form.

So, there you have it. Double-O 24. That's me. Shalom.

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